Monday, March 19, 2012

Law Can be Applied to Protect Men

The Maria da Penha Law and The Violence Against Man.

By Edvan
The Brazilian Law 11.340 / 06, known as Maria da Penha Law, can be applied by analogy to protect men.
Judge Mario Roberto Kono de Oliveira
This was the controversial and innovative understanding of Judge Mario Roberto Kono de Oliveira, of the Special Criminal Court Unified of Cuiabá. He obeyed and granted the applications of the author of the prosecution, who said he was suffering from physical, psychological and financial abuse by his ex-wife.
The law was originally created to bring security to women victims of domestic violence. However, according to the judge, the man should not be ashamed to seek help from the judiciary to stop the aggression to which has been the victim. "Yes, an act of wisdom, since the man does not seek to use violent acts also as a demonstration of force or revenge. And it is for the Court to do its part and spare no effort in search of a solution of conflicts, in search of social peace, "said the magistrate.

The former wife of the author is prevented from approaching him at a distance less than 500 meters, including their home and workplace. She can not keep any contact with him, whether by phone, email or other direct or indirect way. In the same decision, the judge warned that in case of noncompliance, the ex-wife may be indicted in the crime of disobedience and even be arrested

The complainant has attached several documents in the process as reported to the police, request for a forensic examination, invoice repair for her damaged his vehicle and several e-mails sent defamatory and intimidating. Therefore, he requested the application of Law 11.340/2006. This is because there is no similar law to be applied when the man is a victim of domestic violence.

The Judge Mario Roberto Kono de Oliveira admitted that, although considerably smaller in number, there are cases where the man is the victim because of "feelings of entitlement and anger that lead to all kinds of violence, let it be physical, psychological, moral and financial. "

He added: "For some time I came across cases where the man was a victim of emotional imbalance of a woman who spared no effort in doing all kinds of aggression possible (...). I've been forced to enact protective custody of women "on the verge of a nervous breakdown," which arrived attempt on the life of his ex-partner, by simply not agree with the end of a love relationship, "he added.