Monday, March 26, 2012


By Edvan

MAN CONTINUES exposing themselves to risky behavior: as were not enough the NATURAL PHENOMENA, the WARS, the TRANSIT And DRUGS THAT OCCUR EARLY IN THEIR LIVES THE young people
continue to offer a deplorable spectacle in football stadiums. They face up to each other in an armed struggle as if it they were in a war. That's why the polls today announced that women live longer (damn).
  SAO PAULO - The Paulista Football Federation (FPF) moved swiftly to set up the suspension and prohibits the presence of supporters of the two biggest fans: Corinthians and Palmeiras ...
The confrontation, according to local residents, was scheduled on social networks - VERY common among members of the majority of the FANS.
The fan of Palmeiras Andre Lezo Alves, 21, was killed in fighting between rival fans before the classic match.