Sunday, November 18, 2012

MP uses Pepper Spray to Hold Protest in Rio

Demonstrators protesting against the construction of a beach resort in the Reserve, in Rio de Janeiro

After confrontation between protesters and MP, Mayor of Rio says that the project to build a beach resort at Reserva is legal.

Military police used pepper gas against demonstrators protesting on Saturday morning against the construction of a resort and a golf course on a plot on Avenida Lucio Costa, the Beach Reserve, west of Rio de Janeiro. The works were authorized by the city council.
The land where the hotel complex will be built belonged until 2005 to the Environmental Protection Area (APA) Marapendi. About 400 people attended the protest, which was summoned via social networks. The Hyatt company, which will build the resort, said the project has environmental license and was approved under planning and environmental standards. The expected opening is 2015.

According to the MP, the pepper gas was released when a group of protesters closed the road, sitting on asphalt. Police threatened to arrest two protesters, who were eventually released. Children and the elderly were hit by pepper gas.