Saturday, September 29, 2012


Photo: publicity

 CNBB - The National Confederation of Bishops of Brazil - repudiates magazine with photomontage of Neymar crucified

 Entity claims there was ridicule of the faith with embossed image on the cover of the magazine 'Placar'.

RIO - The National Confederation of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) issued a statement of condemnation on Friday against the cover of the October issue of the magazine "Placar" which features a photomontage with Neymar entitled "The Crucifixion of Neymar."
The Brazilian ace turns scapegoat in a sport where everyone plays dirty," explains the publication on the relationship made ​​in its cover story.

For CNBB there was "ridicule and contempt of faith by religious sentiment of the people through the disrespectful use of the image of the person of Jesus Christ," says the note from the Brazilian episcopate.

"The publication has shown up at least insensitive to the recent global framework of deplorable violence caused by inappropriate use of religious figures, providing thus a grave disservice to the consolidation of respectful coexistence between groups of different faiths," he adds.

On its website, the 'Placar', published by Editora Abril published some of his most controversial cases, including the December 1984 where the Cristo Redentor appears with Fluminense shirt, and another August 2001 where the midfielder Marcelinho Carioca also appears crucified.