Thursday, November 20, 2014

14 people indicted - 48 years in prison

Jandira Magdalena Santos Cruz would have paid R$ 4500 for abortion

My questions are: crime, prisons and all the suffering of family members and other people involved could have been avoided? what would be the most likely solution to the abortion issue?

by Edvan Moraes 
The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro has indicted ten people for the death of Jandira after abortion. If convicted, they could face up to 48 years in prison.
  On Monday (17) Police charged four other people.

The victim's body was found charred, no teeth and the upper and lower limbs mutilated, so that was not identified.

Crimes: second-degree murder, procedural fraud, destruction and concealment of corpse, conspiracy and cause abortion with the consent of the pregnant woman.

The accused are: Carlos Augusto Graça de Oliveira, Rosemere Aparecida Ferreira, Keilla Leal da Silva, Vanuza Vais Baldacine, Carlos Antônio de Oliveira Júnior, Mônica Gomes Teixeira, Marcelo Eduardo de Medeiros, Agda Pereira Iório, Jorge dos Santos Pires e Luciano Luís Gouvêa Pacheco. If convicted, according to the MP, they can get imprisonment up to 48 years.

More indicted: Rio police said on Monday (17) that will indict Jandira's ex-husband, Leandro Britto plus Keyllene Fernandes, Jandira's friend, which would have given moral support to the victim.