Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If the woman lives more, why she retires before men?

If the woman lives more, why she retires before men?

The shorter life of men could be linked to risky behavior of males, and greater competitiveness among themselves, that men typically face. Moreover, the leading cause of death among women at birth mortality has been reducing worldwide.  

But why do they retire before?????

Go to work, bunch of males

Because Brazilian law considers that all women do domestic work alongside the professional life. In Brazil, women on average live 72 years and can retire at 60, the male life expectancy is eight years lower, but the minimum age for retirement is 65 years. Do the math: the average man dies one year before retiring. "In the 70s, when they were set minimum ages for retirement, the Brazilian legislation believed that every woman did double duty," says lawyer Octavio Pinto e Silva. "If, with the current pension reforms, the retirement age for men and women is still different, because it is still the mentality of double shifts job among legislators," he says. However, the need for women to rest more than man does not have a medical reason.

"There is a health component involved in the resolution of such a law," said Luiz Roberto Ramos, director of the Center on Aging Studies at the Federal University of Sao Paulo. "Probably, if equality of the sexes in Brazil progressed, life expectancy would be equal," he says. Equal rights, equal risks.