Monday, March 5, 2012

A gay couple of Pernambuco, Brazil, registered their daughter generated by assisted fertilization. 
The girl, a month old, has the name of both parents on the birth certificate.
Mailton and Wilson Albuquerque

 So small and full of stories! Maria Theresa is the daughter of two parents: entrepreneurs Mailton and Wilson Albuquerque. After 15 years of relationship and a civil marriage performed last year, they wanted to have children and resorted to IVF. The eggs were donated by a volunteer. A cousin of Mailton generated the embryo fertilized by sperm from him. "Generate a child has a great responsibility. We did not come from one day to the night to choose the life of Maria Theresa. She came into the world and came planned, "says Mailton. 
On the birth certificate, the names of both parents. The pair paternity was granted by Family Judge Glicério Bezerra, the same who celebrated their marriage, and who already knew the story of the couple. "This case I believe is unprecedented, either because, first they are two men and it was made administratively, it was made directly in the Office, it did not require a judicial process, the entry with a lawsuit," says the Judge. Maria Theresa is only one month and two days old and has completely changed the routine of their parents. But they have adapted so well to new tasks involving diapers, baby bottles and sleepless nights that they already plan to increase the family. "Next year she will have walked with her brother here," Wilson promises. "I do not think we are a different family. We are a family, "says Mailton.
Source: G1.Globo-Mar 03, 2012