Friday, March 16, 2012

still the abortion: "THE DEMON CLOSED THE SQUARE" says Dom Bergonzini

Dom Bergonzini says: "Macabre ProposalsAbortion, the release of drug use, the spread of homosexual ideology, euthanasia, and other macabre proposals that are willing to impose on people, are demonic works and only cause harm to the human being before birth, during life or in old age".
By the way, Dom Bergonzini distinguished himself in the last presidential campaigns when distributing nearly two million leaflets against the candidacy of PT Rousseff who meant to be an advocate for the legalization of abortion. 

Don Bergonzini brings an analysis on the strategy of the PT - Worker's Party, using the Universal "Church" to bring to the legalization of abortion the evangelical discourse - as if evangelicals would find the Universal Church "the best" ... that miscalculation "more nonsense from the Government" ... or not ... who knows$$$. He explains this and other in the article "O demonio fechou o quadrado" - "The Demon Closed the Square": Dilma Rousseff, PT, Eleonora Menicucci e Edir Macedo. 
"PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) of Sao Paulo - Brazil, should only have teachers who share the Christian faith. He said that teachers who support the decriminalization of abortion, "gay ideology", euthanasia, marijuana and communism should leave the university".

"If the PUC is the Catholic Church, [the teacher] should follow the Gospel and Christian morality," he wrote. "[The university] can not have on its faculty teachers contrary to the teachings of the Church."
By Edvan