Wednesday, April 4, 2012


84 young people are being held in cell for 30 people in the ES, says ministry
The Movement for Human Rights denounced on Monday (2), overcrowding of the Home Care Unit (Unai), that is where juvenile offenders are awaiting the court's decision before going to the Socio-Admission Unit (Unis .)

  Pictures taken by the Ministry of Children show that 84 teenagers are in a space that holds up to 30 people in the unit Maruípe in Vitoria, ES.

According to the ministry, one of the wings is under renovation, so that all young people are housed in the same ward.

According to the director of the Institute of Socio-Educational Services of the Espirito Santo (Iases), Silvana Gallina until Wednesday (4) a ward of the unit will be expanded. The director of Iases also said that there will be a space in the Forum of Vila Velha, with the same model for juvenile offenders

Anyone know: kids love to run, play soccer, dance, jump, play fight, laugh and have fun. Leave adolescents caged like animals is only growing in them the desire to do wrong things. They need to learn a profession, being employed, studying, doing activities that allow them to burn their energy, their hormones.
I think ... we are creating true beasts! ready to attack us as soon as they leave their cages ... unfortunately.

By Edvan