Saturday, April 14, 2012


In Pernambuco, suspected of practicing cannibalism sold snacks made ​​of human flesh, says police


Snacks such as pies, also served as a meal for trio and child.

Suspects confessed that they kept the body parts in the refrigerator.

The Civil Police of Pernambuco confirmed that the three suspects of murdering, dismembering and burying two women in Garanhuns in Agreste of the state, said in testimony on Thursday (12), they used human meat to produce snacks like pies. The food would be sold to the public and also served as a meal for themselves and for the five year old child who lived with them.

Those suspected of committing the barbarity form a love triangle consisting of a man and a woman 52 years of age who were married, and another woman of 25. They were arrested last Wednesday (11), when police found the remains of two women buried in the backyard of their home.

The police also found the birth certificate of a child of 5 years of age who lived with the suspects. She was the daughter of a woman murdered in 2008 in Olinda. One of the suspects said she used the name of the woman and said that the girl was her daughter.