Monday, April 2, 2012


BRAZIL - The President of the Supreme Court (STF), Cezar Peluso, argued that those who fail to pay child support does not go to prison. In a hearing with the draftsman of the new Civil Procedure Code (CPC) in the House of Representatives, Sergio Barradas Carneiro (PT), he described the punishment as "ineffective."

Carneiro's report presented in March 2012, does not guarantee the end of the order imprisonment. Before Peluso stand, Carneiro had claimed that the person has credit restrictions and, in case of "mockery" of justice, spend a night behind bars.
The deputy was surprised by the placement of Peluso. "The prison should be the last case. Before that, we must find ways to mitigate the possibility of prison. For example, take the credit and, in case of debauchery, he can spend the night in jail. But we can not withdraw the funds so he can pay his debt, "said the deputy.

It is OBVIOUS: A FATHER DOES NOT WORK BEHIND THE BARS, AND THEREFORE DO NOT PAY TAXES, NOT CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIAL SECURITY, NOT RECEIVE WAGES TO BUY THINGS AND SPEND HIS MONEY, Besides being embarrassing and shameful for a citizen sharing a cell with highly dangerous criminals.

ARE THINGS  resolved in this way?

 By Edvan