Friday, September 14, 2012

MASSACRE IN RIO DE JANEIRO (or Why Six Teens Killed?)

Massacre in Rio de Janeiro:

Christian de France Vieira, 19, a young man  killed
Photo: Thiago Freitas / Extra

parents recognize their children's clothes

Ceudes Vieria recognized the clothes of his son, Christian de França Vieira, 19, a youth killed
The Family of Christian Vieira of France, Patrick Machado de Carvalho and Glauber Figueira Eugenio recognized their clothes. Despite the recognition, the pieces will be forwarded to DNA test
- For me it's not necessary. I know they're the clothes of my son.
I recognized them ...

sadness ... knowing that my son can no longer use these or any other clothing. Things return to head all the time - said CeudesVieira, father of Christian.
Wanted Wanted Wanted (Reuters/Hotline)
Wanted involved in the Massacre in Rio (Reuters / Hotline)

The denunciation hotline announced on the evening of Friday (14), pictures of men accused of directing and participating in the massacre that happened in the Favela Chatuba in Mesquita in Rio. Those involved have had the arrest warrant issued by Justice on Thursday (13).

According to the Legal Medical Institute (IML), the examination of the bodies showed that all young people have been killed with headshots. The bodies have, however, signs of torture: each took between three and five shots, suffered cuts and bruises in the neck with blunt instruments. None had amputated body parts. Once dead, the bodies were bound and dragged.

On Thursday, they found two bodies that were buried on the property of the Army. One is Jose Aldeci da Silva Júnior, 19, missing since Saturday.