Saturday, October 6, 2012



has his wrists with marks of beatings 

he suffered in Syria.

Mohamad, 15,   
"At least 
25 people died, 
I saw it with my own eyes.
"Mossan, 15, has scars on his neck, back and feet, a result of torture suffered during the 22 days in prison

Since the revolt against Assad's government began in March last year, Syria has been the scene of the worst atrocities against humanity. In this scenario of war, children learn from an early age to live with death and terror.

The NGO Save the Children is working in one of the many refugee camps providing support for child victims of violence in the Syrian conflict.
During this work were recorded several reports of boys and girls about what they saw in the civil war that has ravaged the country.The young Hassan, 14 years old lives with his family in the refugee camp of Za'atari, Jordan.The boy says that the greatest memories he has of Syria is to always be running from shelter to shelter and "screaming children, crying a lot and being tortured."
Even at a young age, Hassan can already tell he has the experience of a veteran. Survivor of a massacre, he saw bodies and injured people everywhere.
"I found body parts on top of each other," he said. "I lost my uncle and my cousin. We used to do everything together, my cousin was everything to me, "laments the boy.
-I ask the world leaders to save children in Syria.
Khalid says: "They hung me by the wrists on top of a barn, I got my feet off the ground and they started beating me," said the boy of only 15 years.
Khalid carries today marks the ten days, which along with other children, was arrested.
- They used different ways to kill people: electric shocks, cutting machines and cement blocks in people's heads. It seemed that they had no mercy.Mossan, 15, has scars on his neck, back and feet, a result of torture suffered during the 22 days in prison, where he saw other children languishing.
He lost a brother and the other twin, is hospitalized with second degree burns due to the bombardment that hit his home in Syria.
"I do not play. I used to be more sociable, but do not do anything now. I'm depressed, I do not want to socialize, "says the young man.