Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Militiaman butchered body of pregnant woman who died trying to make an abortion

Jandira Santos, 27 - Death after Abortion

Let's Talk About Abortion!!! 

Every other day a Brazilian woman dies from an illegal abortion.  

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 million women in this country undergo clandestine abortions every year.  

Silence and taboo surrounding the topic. We are against the negligence that makes us complicit in these deaths.

  The investigation concludes that parts of the body of Jandira Santos were thrown to pigs and other parts were burnt.

Rio - The inquest on the death of Jandira Magdalena Santos, 27, sent to court concluded that Luciano Luis Gouvêa Pacheco, Shrek, a member of the militia of the Rio da Prata, was the man responsible for the dismemberment and burning of her body. Jandira, killed while performing an abortion on August 26, was found the next day in a burned car in Guaratiba.

Jandira was four months pregnant when she died on abortion

According to research, Shrek gave the order to take the victim's body to the site of Jorge dos Santos Pires, Gargamel, 53, in Campo Grande. There, she was hit with a shot in the head and was quartered. To complicate the identification, parts of her body were given to pigs for eating and others fired in the car. A month later, Jandira was identified by examination of DNA from the remains that were in the vehicle.

Shrek and eight other gang members are in prison.