Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pelé is transferred to a "special care unit" of hospital Albert Einstein to treat urinary tract infection.

Updated 27 Nov., 22h27
The former player Pelé, 74, was transferred on Thursday (27) for the special care unit at Albert Einstein Hospital in the south of São Paulo.  

Doctor Edison Aleida e Silva clarifies that the processing RRT (Hemodialisys) is usually provided when there is a change in the function of the kidneys.

Doctor Edison explains that the clinical condition of a patient with problems such as Pele has the greater difficulty in recovery.

According to the medical bulletin released in the early afternoon, Pelé, who was admitted to treat a urinary tract infection, remained hospitalized with "clinical instability." The hospital did not give details about his health.

On the 12th, Pelé went to the same hospital after complaining of pain. Tests showed he had kidney, ureteral and bladder stones, which causes obstruction to urine flow. He underwent surgery and was discharged two days later.