Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The other side: When the woman attacks...

The other side:
  • When the woman attacks - Today, as their defense is guaranteed, there are many women who abuse their partners for various "reasons" and in many ways (verbal aggression is sometimes worse than physical aggression). There are cases where, realizing that the partner may react they are immediately threatened with possible termination. It is not mere speculation. Cases are truthful, counted by themselves they sometimes find quite funny.
  • Contradiction - Independence and demand for "equality", but do not give up the addiction, especially when it is advantageous.
  • Who is guilty? - Any kind of relationship requires mutual respect. There is no good guy or bad guy: in cases of disagreement, there is always the fault of both sides.
  • Violence - If a woman discovers that her partner is violent, it is for her to leave the relationship and not wait to be hit again to play the victim.