Tuesday, March 27, 2012

15 Days PATERNITY LEAVE Aproved in Thailand

By Edvan 
The Cabinet has approved paid leave of up to 15 days for state employees or Officials whose birth given wives have to take care of the new mothers and babies.


 ...in Brazil, there is not a law imposing a "paternity leave" while transiting in Congress at least ten bills proposing the extension of the benefit.

The most advanced of them, which increases to 15 days paid leave, received the second opinion in favor of its approval in the House.
Currently , men are entitled to five days of  release from the baby's birth, guaranteed by the Constitution (gasp) 1988.
- Paternity leave is of fundamental importance to increase direct contact between father and son in the first days of life of the child and the father give more support to the mother on infant care and household chores.
According to figures from the NGO (nongovernmental organization) Instituto Papai, in Germany, for example, paternity leave is up to one year and two months (worth up to 67% of pay), but can reach up to three years (without pay). In the United States, parents may be absent from work for up to three months unpaid, while in Japan, paternity leave is one year (worth 25% of wages).