Tuesday, March 13, 2012


By Edvan

Abortion remains a crime in the draft reform of the Bazilian Penal Code. But for the Ministers of the Superior Court and the Supreme Court, the chances of approval and legalization of the abortion law were extended. A Committee of Jurists prepares the draft reform of the Penal Code. Among the controversies that have already been discussed, is the part that deals with legal abortion. 
Currently abortion is allowed only in pregnancies resulting from rape and if there is no other way to save a woman's life. The bill now provides five possibilities:  
  1. when the woman is the victim of artificial insemination with which it has not agreed,  
  2. when the fetus is irreparably convicted of anencephaly and other serious physical and mental illness,  
  3. when there is risk to life or health of the mother
  4. by the will of the mother until the 12th week of pregnancy (third month) 
  5. when the physician or psychologist certifies that the woman is not able to cope with motherhood.
The commission of jurists who is drafting the bill to reform the Criminal Code, say they will face the religious benches in the Brazilian Congress.

"Abortion is always traumatic and it leaves physical and psychological sequelae".