Tuesday, March 20, 2012


MR. KESSLER earned the right to receive this benefit in court.

In Parana - BRAZIL a man earned the right to receive MATERNITY PAY

Emily's mother died during pregnancy. The father asked for the payment of maternity pay and the request was denied. Now, the court ruled that the INSS (Social Security in Brazil) should pay 4 months salary by the time he devoted himself to his daughter.
The license and the maternity pay are rights of all women after the birth of a child, the rights guaranteed by Social Security. But when the father who has to care for the child?

Little Emily has totally changed the life of the father, the production operator Valdecir Kessler. The mother died during pregnancy. The girl was saved in an emergency Caesarean section after seven months of gestation. With only 1.5 kg, without her mother, she needed special care. "I find myself alone here in Toledo. That's why I tried to 'maternity license' in the case, "he says.

To take care of her daughter, the production operator Valdecir Kessler negotiated a license with the company where he worked. Four months of remission, but no pay.

Now, nine months later, the Federal Court ruled that Social Security must pay four months' salary by the time he devoted himself to taking care of her daughter. In the ruling, the judges pointed out that, rather than a benefit to the mother, the payment is a child's right.

"Exceptionally, in cases where there is death and in other situations, it is possible to grant the benefit to the parent in such circumstances," said the lawyer Fabiane Stockmanns. "Did Justice at the time I needed. Pay bills and to devote myself to the child, "says Kessler.

The Social Security has not yet decided whether to appeal the decision.