Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A poll finds more guys help out with tasks such as laundry, vacuuming, making the bed and cleaning up the kitchen, but they’re not doing it nearly as well as their mates would like.

“Modern-day men do more household chores than ever before (only 34.6% guys in Brazil, according to IBGE), and nearly half of all couples now share working and looking after the house,”  “Although it's impossible for women to do everything themselves (65.4% of women in Brazil, according to IBGE research), they still have high hopes for perfection—and if jobs aren't done to the desired standard by their partner, often many feel they could do better themselves.” 

According to the survey, about one-third say their partner doesn’t tidy the couch cushions, 32 percent don’t make the bed and 28 percent make dinner but don’t clean up after.
There is some good news, though. The Telegraph notes two-thirds of the women surveyed (published by The Telegraph) believe the guys in their lives really are trying their best.
And for those who aren’t? Leaving the vacuum cleaner on your unmade bed is a subtle hint.
By Edvan
Saurce: The Telegraph and IBGE - Brazil