Thursday, March 22, 2012


By Edvan

A teenager, 15, who lives in Rio Grande do Sul, took his homosexuality to his family and suffered prejudice, humiliation, bullying and homophobia in school.  

On March 13, he was threatened by a colleague and asked for help from a teacher, but was not heard. After school, he was beaten. It is a dual-violence: bullying and homophobia.

"I'm too scared to go outside. I have suffered prejudice before talking about it. No one is immune to bullying. This has to end, "he declared.


"At first it was just a suicide note, but after I recovered, I changed some things in order to help others" (SPEAKING OF THE LETTER reported in the press this week, WHICH drew the attention FOR ITS DRAMATIC APPEAL).

"My parents are so supportive, they are intelligent and educated people. They are open-minded people, who tolerate the differences, "spoke. "If I had not complained, I would not be here today, I certainly would be in the grave," he said.

A child psychiatrist examines the case: "One in three students is involved or as the author, or as a target of these attacks. The abuser will seek what he considers a vulnerability, it is actually an excuse. The first thing to do is ask for help. The family must give a clear message, "advised the expert.