Sunday, April 15, 2012


Son of a soldier is found dead


Two other children of military also committed suicide.
The youngest son of a retired military police committed suicide on the afternoon of Friday the 13th with a shot in the chest. 


The first information realize that the young man would have used a shotgun, 12 gauge that supposedly belonged to the victim's father, the military Tenorio.

This is the third son of Tenorio who commits suicide. The teenager, Pedro Paulo Tenorio Cavalcante, 15, was a student of the School Rosa Mystica and resided with his parents on Avenida Deputada Ceci Cunha in Arapiraca.

Pedro Tenorio also was helped by the Medical Service (Samu) and forwarded to the Emergency Unit of the Agreste, in serious condition. The student did not survive the injury and died before undergoing surgery.


Two other brothers of Peter also committed suicide in the past three years. One, Paul Tenorio, hanged himself last year. The other brother, Junior, also took his own life in 2010.

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