Sunday, October 21, 2012


Minister Joaquim Barbosa, the son of a bricklayer who became a national figure in Brazil

The boy Joaquim Barbosa never settled on what the destiny  seemed to target him. The son of a bricklayer, who grew up listening to the adults in the birthday celebrations of wealthy families should always be in the back of the hall.

So, he ate only sweet if someone offered.

On Wednesday, the well-known minister of the Supreme Court Joaquim Barbosa, 58, presented the vote of one of the most remarkable chapters in the trial of the "mensalão" - the "last act (bri-bery)" as he wrote in English in the manila envelope that held the text of his decision.

Besides Portuguese, Barbosa mastered four languages ​​- English, German, Italian and French. Shortly before the meeting, the minister made ​​a final revision in the text. He cut some quotes, added others and highlighted passages. Did not change the essence of belief, crystallized after seven years as a reporter of the process.

There are already thousands of quotes on the web highlighting the heroic virtues of the minister Joaquim. Two weeks ago, the minister answered in the trial interval, a lady who claimed to have traveled from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília just to meet him. Crying, she praised the work of the rapporteur.

Soon after being appointed by former President Lula to the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the Minister Joaquim Barbosa received a visit from ace Pele

He was invited several times by President Lula to attend to a football match with the guests of the presidential palace, some of them now on trial.

Joaquim Barbosa never accepted.