Thursday, October 18, 2012


Rio: where interning crack users gathered in the streets?

Crack users congregate to smoke on a construction site in Brazil Avenue Transcarioca Photo: Fabiano Rocha / EXTRA
 Just two hours after city officials had taken 58 drug addicts from the streets, the construction site of Transcarioca on Brazil Avenue, was full of crack users again. The two clinics in the state of Rio de Janeiro for crack users are locked doors.
Crack users under an overpass near the Nova Holanda community Photo: Fabiano Rocha / EXTRA

 Operation "wiping ice"

In four days of operations after the police operation in the slums of Manguinhos and Jacarezinho in the North, 282 people were sheltered and 134 back on the streets - an index of 47.5% evasion.

 Since Aug. 19, the units, offering 180 vacancies for treatment are without a contract with the state Department of Social Services. The complaint was published yesterday in the magazine "Veja." Besides not accept new admissions, clinics dispensed much of dependents who were already in treatment.