Sunday, November 16, 2014

Excommunication of priest who defends gay marriage

Father Beto


of priest 

who defends  

gay marriage 

is maintained.

Father Roberto Francisco Daniel, Father Beto, Bauru (São Paulo), was officially declared excommunicated by the Catholic Church. The statement from the Diocese of Bauru, distributed yesterday, says that after more than a year analyzing the case, the Vatican decided to confirm the excommunication, which began in April last year in São Paulo, and was brought to the Vatican in July of the same year.

The priest is accused of committing heresy and contradict the tenets of religious faith when he released his opinions on the internet about the treatment by the Catholic Church to sexual issues and marriage. In videos and interviews, Father Beto criticizes the church for keeping a retrograde position on the relationship of bisexual partners and same-sex marriage and suggested a second marriage after the first.

Father Tiago Wenceslaus, who presided over the process of excommunication in Brazil, says: "Therefore, the said priest can not celebrate or receive any sacrament or sacramental of the Catholic Church and is deprived of any crafts or charges in the Church"

The statement also advises that the marriages performed by the priest after the decision of the Church are also invalidated and asks the faithful "not to participate in possible acts of worship which are concluded by that priest," but to pray asking that Father Beto apologize and reconcile with the Catholic Church. The punishment may be withdrawn if a priest Beto publicly recant his views. Upon learning of the decision, Father Beto said he was waiting for it and does not want to portray, although he will continue using the name "Father". He also said that he had already decided to leave the church even before the decision, which "does not change anything in my life."