Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rape in Rio

"She'll make the evil (sex) with the whole troop.", sings a famous MC ".

Teen rape victim, leaving the hospital Souza Aguiar in Rio, accompanied by her mother.
Lucas Perdomo, right, who was the teenager's boyfriend raped by 33 men and his friend, Rai de Souza, who would have participated in the rape, "we are more famous than Dilma."

Football Player at Boavista club, Lucas, 20, Suspected of participating in the gang rape of a 16 year old teen has just come to the police station.

The grandmother of the girl, raped by 33 men, revealed that the motive was revenge. According to her, the girl said he committed the crime because he felt he had been betrayed.
 Crooks try to vilify the victim of gang rape on the web.
In the recording, a man comes out in defense of rapists flock: "She wanted to give it to the whole troop"...