Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wall "Etnias" (ethnic groups) by Kobra on Olympic Boulevard - Rio de Janeiro, recognized by "Guinness"

Photo: Gael/Riotur

"Etnias" carried out by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra to RIO 2016, was recognized on Monday (22) as the largest graphite in the world by the "Guinness World Records", the record books.

Press Release / Estudio Retrato

 The work, 15 meters high and 170 long, depicts five indigenous faces from five different continents: the huli, New Guinea (Oceania), the mursi, Ethiopia (Africa), the kayin, Thailand (Asia), the supi, Europe, and the Tapajós, the Americas.

The painting is inspired by the Olympic rings and represents peace and unity among peoples. Located on Olympic Boulevard of Maua Square in Rio de Janeiro, the mural was done with 180 acrylic paint buckets, 2,800 cans of spray and seven hydraulic lifts.