Thursday, March 15, 2012


Violence against homeless people shocked the country and mobilizes Brasilia. People burned alive and murder of homeless create alert. National Monitoring Committee met this Thursday. A meeting that should only take place in late March was anticipated for today, Thursday (15).

The Monitoring Committee of the Homeless Population met to consider measures to help curb attacks on homeless people, such as those that took place in Brasilia (DF) and Mato Grosso do Sul (MS).

The Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency (SDH) called the meeting to evaluate and propose government policies designed to protect this population and combat it.A case that shocked the country and was highlighted in the media in Brazil was the action of a group of youths who set fire to two homeless people in the Federal District, killing one and seriously wounding another who is at risk of life. Occurred in late February, the coolly brutal crime was executed after a failed attempt of the same group of burn victims, and despite the mobilization of the neighborhood scared.The criminals had received R$ 100 from a dealer to eliminate the two residents who usually slept in a public area next to his business.Last Saturday (10), an attempted murder with the same cruelty occurred in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, where a homeless man was tied to a tree and had 40% of body burned. And again in Brasilia, two residents who were sheltering under trees in Tabatinga were shot dead.Campaigns and public policy must be proposed by the Committee today. One simple measure is to be disseminated through campaigns, which is the use of Dial Service Human Rights (Dial 100) to report mistreatment or threats to the rights of the homeless. The call is free and can be done anywhere in Brazil, from landline or mobile, with anonymity guaranteed. According to the Agency Brazil, the service is able to receive and forward such information.